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Client:    Toyota Remanufactured Parts

Product:  Dealer Portal

Job:         December E-Sell Sheet

Writer:    Richard Bellikoff



HEADLINE:  Your Portal to Profits

SUBHEAD:   Coming Soon

Dealers, the Toyota Wholesale Parts website is a proven success. Thousands of independent repair shops have been ordering parts online and choosing their preferred dealer. Now comes the next step, a Web site just for you.

It’s the Dealer Portal of the Toyota Wholesale Parts Website, the one-stop online space you’ve been asking for. You’ll have everything you need to grow your business, right at your fingertips. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s on its way!


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envelope on
left side)

The Message Center is your Dealer Portal’s communications hub.

• Smooth and simple two-way communication with your registered wholesale customers

• Streamlined ordering, with orders going directly to your Message Center inbox

• Let customers know about new products, promotions and features

• Build one-on-one relationships and customer satisfaction


CALLOUT:  Customer Incentives Can Pay Off

Craig Shane, Parts Manager for Downeast Toyota in Brewer, ME, ran a promotion to get a head start on building his wholesale business before the Dealer Portal launches. Craig offered customers a chance to win four tickets to a New England Patriots game for registering and choosing Downeast as their preferred dealer.

The response was overwhelming. Craig quadrupled his number of registered repair shops.  Now, Downeast Toyota is among the tops in independent repair facilities registered on the Toyota Wholesale Parts Website, and Craig has a solid customer base to connect with when the Dealer Portal’s Message Center goes live.



HEADLINE:  Your Portal is Power-Packed

We’ve loaded the Dealer Portal with powerful tools and resources to help you boost your business.


BODY:  What’s in it for You

You’ll find it all in the Dealer Portal. Everything you need to know will be just a few clicks away.

• Get statistics to track your wholesale activity

• Identify your most frequent online customers

• Download up-to-date information on new products, pricing and much more

• Update your Dealer Profile to give your customers your latest contact information


Tap into the power of the Portal.


BODY:  Get Ready, It’s Coming

The Wholesale Dealer Portal will launch soon.  Watch for our announcement and be ready to get on board.

• Make sure you’re signed up on the Wholesale Parts website.

• Be ready to register when the Dealer Portal launches

• Take advantage of this golden opportunity to kick your business into overdrive


CALLOUT:  STAR Dealer Online Headquarters

If you’re a STAR dealer, you’ll get all these extras and more on the Dealer Portal:

• Update your STAR contact information quickly and easily.

• Download how-to guides on organizing open houses and other events

• Find out about the latest promotions and incentives

• Access your market analyses

• Get drop-ship ordering information to help you save money

The Dealer Portal’s benefits for STAR dealers are additions to the already full STAR Dealer Program.  STAR dealers get a detailed market analysis, reimbursement budget, and so much more!


If you’re not a STAR dealer yet, you’ll be able to enroll online on the Wholesale Dealer Portal.

[Download this e-marketing writing sample as a PDF document]