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Public Speaking Myths ebook cover pageThe 15 Biggest Myths About Public Speaking–and How to Overcome Them

by Richard Bellikoff

Public speaking skills are not just for executives and politicians. The ability to inform, influence and inspire others is essential for anyone who aspires to career advancement and thought leadership.

Unfortunately, many people fail to reach their potential because they buy into crippling myths about what it takes to be an effective speaker.

This free downloadable e-book debunks the most common of these misconceptions, to help you liberate yourself from public speaking mythology and become a Great Communicator. It’s like tech support for public speakers.

A sampling of what you’ll learn:
• How to cope with stage fright and draw on it for positive energy
• Why memorizing your speech or presentation is a bad idea
• When to use a lectern or a teleprompter—and when you shouldn’t
• The right and the wrong way to practice your presentation
• When it’s appropriate to use PowerPoint, and when it isn’t
• Finding a balance between your content and your delivery

To find out all this and more, download this insightful and informative e-book right now.