Request for Proposals (RFP)

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Request for Proposals
Sponsorship Activation
(written by Richard Bellikoff)

[Writer’s note: To maintain confidentiality, the names of the client, the concert performer and the organization issuing this RFP have been deleted, along with other edits throughout this document.]


Client: Xxxxxx


Project: Seeking a qualified company with extensive and proven experience, to develop, execute and manage  a sponsorship activation for the brand on the Yyyyyy concert tour.


Objectives and Guidelines:

• Increase brand awareness among target consumers.

• Make the brand come alive in an unforgettable, immersive and experiential way.

• Reflect the brand’s values and be distinctive and different from other activations.

• Fit seamlessly and organically into the overall event experience.

• Leverage tour assets and talent.

• Actively engage the audience before, during and after the event, both on and off-site, using all available media platforms.

• Optimize the reach of the client’s sponsorship budget.

• Include a green element, to align with the performer’s well-known environmental activism.

• Create ways of giving back to the communities at the concert tour locations, demonstrating the sponsor’s Corporate Social Responsibility.


Scope of Work:

• Develop a concept for a unique and high-impact activation.

• Execute and manage all activation components, including data collection.

• Develop and manage timetable and budget.

• Obtain relevant content from the client’s brand staff.

• Report success metrics to the client on a weekly basis and at the end of the project.


Target Demographic:

• Ages 15-34

• 60% male, 40% female


Proposal Submission Requirements:

Detail your company’s approach to this project, describing how you would provide the services requested in this RFP.

Respondent’s Profile
Provide the following information about your company:
• A brief company history
• The names and resumes or bios of your company’s principals. Indicate the amount of involvement each will have on this project
• The resume or bio of the team leader who will have the primary responsibility for managing this project
• Company experience and expertise in providing similar services to those specified in this RFP
• Any proposed subcontracting of your services for this project, with details about the subcontractors
• A detailed case study of at least one comparable project which your company has either ongoing or has completed within the past 3 years. For each project, identify:
◦ Client requirements
◦ Challenge, goal and objectives
◦ Value delivered against chosen metrics
◦ Contact person and phone number for reference


Evaluation & Selection Procedure:

• After careful consideration and thorough examination of the proposals, respondents whose proposals most closely satisfy the RFP’s criteria will be short-listed and invited to pitch sessions.

• The timetable for the entire procedure will be as follows:

RFP sent:  March 7
Proposal submission deadline: March 30 @ 5:00 PM EST
Notification of short-listed respondents: April 19
Pitch sessions for short-listed respondents: May 2-4
Project assigned: May 18
Start of concert tour: July 6
End of concert tour: Aug 24


Review of Proposals for Responsiveness:
Each proposal will be reviewed to determine if it is responsive to the submission requirements outlined in this RFP. A responsive proposal is one which follows the requirements of the RFP, and is timely. Failure to comply with these requirements may deem a proposal non-responsive. Only those proposals deemed responsive will receive further consideration.


Acceptance and Rejection:
Zzzzzz reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, or to select the respondent(s) that, in the opinion of Zzzzzz, will be in its best interests. Zzzzzz reserves the right to waive any irregularities and technicalities and may, at its discretion, withdraw and/or redistribute the RFP.


Questions about this RFP:
If a respondent finds discrepancies or ambiguities in, or omissions from, this RFP, or it
should be in doubt as to the meaning of any of its contents, it shall notify Zzzzzz immediately. Zzzzzz will, if necessary, send a written addendum to all respondents.


Addenda to this RFP:
Changes or corrections may be made in this RFP after it has been issued. In such cases, a written addendum will be issued by Zzzzzz. Such addenda shall take precedence over the portion of the RFP concerned. Except in unusual cases, addenda will be issued to reach respondents as soon as possible and prior to the deadline for receipt of proposals.


Modifications and Withdrawals of Proposals by Respondents:
Oral modifications of proposals are prohibited. Written modifications of proposals will be considered if received prior to the deadline for receipt of proposals and a replacement proposal is delivered to Zzzzzz within the time allotment. Any replacement proposal shall be conspicuously captioned “Replacement Proposal”.

Respondents may withdraw their proposals only in writing, at any time prior to the deadline for receipt of proposals.


Alternative Arrangements:
Zzzzzz reserves the right to make alternative arrangements for the provision of the services, including issuing a revised or different RFP or providing the services itself.


Requests for Additional Information:
Zzzzzz may, for any reason and at any time during the evaluation and selection procedure, request any respondent to supply further information and/or documentation.


Costs Incurred by Respondents:
All expenses involved with the preparation and submission of responses to this RFP, or any work performed in connection therewith shall be borne by the Respondent(s).


Legal Requirements:
This RFP is subject to all applicable federal, state, county and local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations that in any manner affect any and all of the services covered herein. Lack of knowledge by the respondent shall in no way be cause for relief from responsibility.


Non-Disclosure of Proposals and RFP:
Zzzzzz agrees that the content of each proposal submitted will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed in any way or at any time to other RFP respondents.

Each respondent agrees that it will not discuss any part of the RFP, any proposal it is considering or which it has submitted and/or any other aspect of the evaluation and selection procedure with any other respondent at any time for any reason. Any breach of this obligation by a respondent may result in its immediate elimination from the evaluation and selection procedure.

No respondent is entitled to make any announcement relating directly or indirectly to the RFP, the evaluation and selection procedure and/or its proposal. Each respondent acknowledges and agrees that Zzzzzz shall have the absolute right to make any announcement in connection with the RFP and/or the whole or any aspect of the evaluation and selection procedure.