Print Media

Contrary to popular misconception, print is not dead.

Even well into the 21st century and several decades into the digital age, text remains the best way to summarize and communicate complex information and ideas—whether for marketing, sales, training, or strategic and executive communications.

For over 20 years, Richard Bellikoff has crafted print documents of various lengths, designs and purposes. The following samples represent a cross-section of his capabilities:

Brochures (PDF)
White Papers: Sample #1 (PDF) | Sample #2 (PDF)
Case Studies: Sample #1 (PDF) | Sample #2 (PDF)
Op-Eds (HTML)
Advertorials (PDF)
Biographies & Testimonials (HTML)
Corporate Histories (HTML)
Product Data Sheets (PDF)
Engineering & Project Management Plans (PDF)
Newsletters (PDF)
Proposals (HTML)
Request for Proposals [RFPs] (HTML)
Business Plans (PDF)
Treatments (PDF)
User Manuals (PDF)
Training Curriculum Development:
Facilitator’s Guide (PDF)
Participant’s Workbook (PDF)
Design Plan (PDF)
Lesson Plan (PDF)

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