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In over two decades as a writer, creative content developer, consultant and executive coach, Richard has been called upon by companies and organizations worldwide to fulfill their needs for executive and strategic communications, brand messaging, marketing, sales, training, advocacy and public affairs. He helps them tell their story, engage their target audience, sharpen their competitive edge and boost their bottom line.

He brings to every project a wealth of subject matter expertise, with degrees in engineering and finance, plus real-world sales experience in the energy and petrochemical industries, doing business with some of the largest companies on Earth. He thrives in situations where others wilt—high pressure, tight deadlines and last-minute changes. Put him on your creative team for your next project and you’ll get your deliverables when they’re due, with no excuses.

In every medium—whether live events, print, audio-visual or digital—Richard has demonstrated his ability to engage, motivate, instruct and educate audiences, clearly communicating a client’s messages and vision.

One of his great strengths is translating complex concepts into compelling words and images that get bottom-line results. After creating episodes about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity for the award-winning Public TV series “The Mechanical Universe,” everything else is easy.

He works on a contract, project, or full-time basis, according to each individual client’s needs.  Contact him for a free consultation about your project.


• Automotive • Pharmaceuticals
• Health Care • Financial Services
• Energy • Security
• Defense • Aerospace
• Computers & IT • Telecommunications
• Transportation • Engineering & Project Management
• Real Estate & Construction • Non-Profits
• Sports & Leisure • Toys

CLIENTS include:

AARP Acura
ARCO • Bausch & Lomb
Beckman Coulter Bristol-Myers Squibb
Honda • Hughes Aircraft
Lexus Magic Johnson Foundation
Mattel Toys Six Flags
Southern California Edison Toyota
Transamerica • Union Bank of California
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Richard’s on-line portfolio includes dozens of samples of his work in the four main types of media:

Speeches & live presentations
Print media
Audio-visual scripting
Digital content

As a speechwriter and coach for executives, managers, and businesspeople working their way up the leadership ladder, Richard has a long track record of finding the ideal blend of style and substance, custom-tailoring each speech or presentation to connect with its target audience, including:

•  Keynote Addresses Advocacy Speeches
•  Executive Tributes Sales Briefings
•  Awards Ceremonies Team Presentations
•  Honors Acceptances & Roasts Emcee Openings & Closings

Text remains the best way to summarize and communicate complex information and ideas. Several decades into the digital age, Richard continues to produce a wide variety of print documents, including:

•  White Papers Case Studies
•  Op-eds Advertorials
•  Corporate Histories Biographies & Testimonials
•  Product Data Sheets Brochures
•  Newsletters User Manuals
•  Proposals & Business Plans Training Curriculum Development

Richard is highly skilled at effectively communicating a client’s message and telling their story, combining music, sound effects and the spoken word in a seamless and harmonious balance. Over the years, he has scripted a large and diverse assortment of productions, including:

•  Promotion Training
•  Corporate Image Trade Shows
•  Point-of-Sale Internal Communications
•  TV & Radio Spots Direct Response

On the Web, content is king, since most Web site visitors are seeking information. Richard has provided compelling content for many types of digital projects, including:

Web content
Web-based training

Dollar$ & Sense: Personal Finance for the 21st Century (Emmy award-winning PBS series)
The Mechanical Universe (Award-winning PBS physics series)
The New Literacy: An Introduction to Computers (PBS series)
Business & the Law (PBS series)
Earth Revealed (PBS geology series)
The Making of 7 Oaks Dam and A River Sometimes Runs Through It (Museum screenings)
Crisis by Design (feature-length documentary on the economic crisis of 2008-10)

Play Rock Guitar Overnight (Winner, Billboard magazine’s American Video Award for Best Instructional Video)
Walk Your Way to Fitness
The Quattro Pro Learning System

B.S., Chemical Engineering
M.B.A., Finance

[Download this resume as a PDF document]

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