Speeches & Presentations

A speech or presentation can serve many functions. Among other things, it can:
– Inform
– Instruct
– Educate
– Advocate
– Influence
– Persuade
– Motivate
– Entertain

A well-crafted speech or presentation can accomplish several of these objectives simultaneously. It can also enhance the speaker’s reputation and demonstrate his or her thought leadership. It can, and in fact should, be an ideal blend of style and substance, custom-tailored to connect with its target audience.

Richard Bellikoff has the skills and experience to deliver all of this and more. For over 20 years, he’s been a speechwriter and coach for executives, managers, and businesspeople working their way up the leadership ladder.

Just a small sampling from his speech and presentation portfolio includes:
Keynote Address
Advocacy Speech
Executive Tribute
Sales Briefing
Honors Acceptance & Roast
Awards Ceremony
Product Launch Presentation
Team Presentation
Press Event Presentation
Trade Show Presentation (PDF)
Emcee Opening & Closing (comedy)
Technical Product Presentation

Richard’s free downloadable e-book, The 15 Biggest Myths About Public Speaking —and How to Overcome Them, is full of proven, practical tips that can help any speaker reach his or her full potential on the podium.

Contact Richard today to find out how he can help with your next speech or presentation: (626) 355-2736 or richard@rbwriting.com.