Audio-Visual Scripting

A picture can indeed be worth a thousand words—provided that it’s properly chosen.

To effectively communicate your message and tell your story, images must also be properly combined, in a seamless and harmonious balance, with sound.

That sound can consist of music, sound effects, and the spoken word—either via an on-camera person or a voice-over.

Finding the appropriate mixture of all these elements is the job of the video scriptwriter. It’s a task that Richard Bellikoff excels at—with over 20 years of experience creating scripts for a large and diverse assortment of projects, including the following samples:

Marketing, Sales & Training (PDF)
Corporate Image (PDF)
Trade Shows (PDF)
Point-of-Sale (PDF)
Direct Response (PDF)
Employee Video News Magazine (PDF)
Employee Orientation (PDF)
Fundraising & Charity (PDF)
TV Spots (PDF)
Radio Spots (PDF)
Movie Promos (PDF)
Home Video (PDF)
Documentary TV & Film (PDF)
Radio Documentaries (PDF)

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