Digital Content

On the Web, content is king.

Of course, design is also important, but all the visual bells and whistles in the world won’t drive traffic to your Web site if it doesn’t deliver the content that site visitors want.

Most site visitors are looking for information. They arrive at a site by entering a URL or clicking on a link from another site or a search engine.

The information that people seek is usually in the form of content—text or words, sometimes accompanied by images, such as maps or diagrams.

Once visitors reach a site, the site’s design is vital to holding their attention and helping them navigate through its pages. But it’s still the content that keeps them there. If they find it inadequate, they’re just a click away from exiting. And all the Flash animation a designer can muster won’t stop them from surfing to another site.

No Web site should ever be designed, as they frequently are, with placeholders for the content. Content should be an integral part of the design process. It shouldn’t be an afterthought, like some sort of dehydrated food that you just add water to—or content, in this case.

Richard Bellikoff understands all this. During his over-20-year career, he has provided content for many types of digital projects, including:

Web content
Web-based Training

Richard has also written for all other types of media—including live presentations, video and print. He knows the difference between, for example, the linear text of a brochure and the linked world of the Web.

Unlike many other content providers, he brings to the table a great deal of subject matter expertise—with degrees in engineering and business, hands-on corporate sales and marketing experience, and a long roster of blue-chip clients in key industries like financial services, automotive, energy, health care and pharmaceuticals.

So don’t be content with bad content. Contact Richard Bellikoff today, and have him provide the content for your next project: (626) 355-2736 or

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