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Richard Bellikoff has been a full-time independent writer, consultant and executive coach for over 20 years. He serves a vast global clientele from his base in Southern California.

Unlike many of his colleagues with educational backgrounds in “process” (journalism and advertising, for example), Richard possesses a wealth of subject matter expertise. He has a B.S. in chemical engineering and an MBA in finance, along with years of sales and marketing experience in the oil and chemical industries, doing business with some of the largest companies on Earth.

His specialty is transforming “techno-speak” and complex financial, scientific, and medical concepts into crystal-clear and compelling words and images. But his eclectic background makes him comfortable with just about any topic—from high-tech to low-tech to no-tech—in any medium: live presentations and speeches, print, audio-visual, or digital. Plus, his hands-on business experience gives him unique insight into corporate culture and clients’ needs, for companies and organizations of all sizes, from startups to the Fortune 500.

In the course of his career, Richard has produced a wide variety of marketing, sales, training and strategic and executive communications materials for a diverse array of companies and organizations worldwide—including AARP, Acura, ARCO, Bausch & Lomb, Beckman Coulter, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Honda, Hughes Aircraft, Lexus, the Magic Johnson FoundationMattel Toys,  Six Flags,  Southern California Edison, Toyota, Transamerica, Union Bank of California and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

He has also created a free downloadable marketing e-report, A Dozen Proven Ways to Profit from Case Studies: How to Leverage Real-Life Success Stories to Grow Your Customer Base, and, as part of his executive coaching services, a free downloadable e-book The 15 Biggest Myths About Public Speaking–and How to Overcome Them.

In television documentaries, his credits include The New Literacy: An Introduction to Computers, the physics series The Mechanical Universe, and the geology series Earth Revealed, along with Business and the Law and the Emmy award-winning financial series Dollar$ & Sense. He has also scripted the documentaries The Making of 7 Oaks Dam and A River Sometimes Runs Through It for museum screenings, and a feature-length documentary on the economic crisis of 2008-12, Crisis by Design.

His capabilities extend far beyond his core expertise in business, technology and science. For example, he has scripted the Billboard Magazine award-winning home video Play Rock Guitar Overnight (Yes, he does play rock guitar, but has wisely chosen to keep his day job). He’s a quick study, capable of getting up to speed rapidly with even the most esoteric material to meet tight deadlines.

Richard actually began his career in TV sit-coms. Humor is one more skill in his creative toolbox, ready to be deployed whenever it’s appropriate for a project.

For proof of Richard’s extraordinary professionalism, versatility and creativity, view a work sample in your area of interest from his Speeches & Presentations, Print Media, Scripting or Digital Content portfolios. You’ll discover why you should bring him on board for your next project.

Contact him today at 626-355-2736 or via email at

[Download this bio as a PDF document]

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